• Question: would you ever consider working abroad?

    Asked by five022car to Tom, Sanjeev, Orla, Fiona, Eimear, Cillian on 5 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Cillian Thompson

      Cillian Thompson answered on 5 Mar 2020:

      I have worked abroad in America and it was one of the best experiences of my life! I am working abroad right now in Germany. I am doing a European project and as part of that I have to live in Madrid, Spain and here in Aachen, Germany. It can be tough at times when you miss family and friends but you can always visit them or they can visit you!

    • Photo: Fiona Malone

      Fiona Malone answered on 6 Mar 2020:

      I would for maybe a short term contract of 6 – 12 months but my home is here in Galway.

    • Photo: Sanjeev Kumar

      Sanjeev Kumar answered on 8 Mar 2020:

      Yes. Actually, currently, I am working away from my home country. I am an Indian citizen and working in Ireland. I believe that working abroad can help me in the following ways:

      1. Working abroad will improve my professional, communication and language skills.
      2. This will help me to become more independent and learn to take care of myself in a better way.
      3. The experience of working abroad will make my CV strong and will benefit me in my career.
      4. I will be able to expand my professional network that will help me in my future research prospects and in my future life.
      5. I will have the opportunity to make new friends from different countries and cultures. These connections could turn into lifelong friendships.

    • Photo: Eimear O'Hara

      Eimear O'Hara answered on 9 Mar 2020:

      Yes I’ve already worked in England and Australia. It’s great to have a qualification in something that gives you a lot of freedom to travel and get a job anywhere

    • Photo: Orla McGee

      Orla McGee answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      Yes, I love to travel both for holidays and work. I spent 15 months studying and working in America, a few hours from Chicago when I was 19. I went back and spent 5 months studying in America again when I was 23, in Atlanta Georgia.
      I love working abroad and discovering new places. I am actually planning on moving to Vancouver Canada for work in a few months. So the answer is a definite yes from me.