• Question: what subjects would you suggest an inspiring engineer should partake in in secondary school ?

    Asked by five022cup to Tom, Sanjeev, Orla, Fiona, Eimear, Cillian on 3 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Orla McGee

      Orla McGee answered on 3 Mar 2020:

      I did Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Applied Maths which were all really useful when I started college. Engineering, if you have the option, as a subject would be great too. I wasn’t taught in my school. Also, biology would be a good option if you plan on doing biomedical engineering.
      In your first year of engineering in college, they cover these subjects again to make sure everyone has the same base to learn so I wouldn’t worry if you aren’t taking all of these it’s just nice when you have a head start. I would say having an interest in maths and science subjects is a great start.

    • Photo: Tom Hodgkinson

      Tom Hodgkinson answered on 3 Mar 2020:

      The sciences, maths, computer science if available

    • Photo: Fiona Malone

      Fiona Malone answered on 3 Mar 2020:

      Physics and Chemistry are useful for studying engineering. Also make sure you are comfortable with mathematics, you’ll use maths everyday! I wish I did Applied Mathematics in school but it wasn’t offered as a subject! I went to an all girls school and they didn’t even offer Physics! I had to go to the boys school across the road to study Physics. Engineering and Tech drawing are extremely useful too.

    • Photo: Eimear O'Hara

      Eimear O'Hara answered on 3 Mar 2020:

      If Engineering is an option then it’s perfect, but unfortunately it’s not that common. Besides that anything to do with design (even Art, it was one of my favourite subjects). Physics/Maths/Applied Maths are all really good options too. But you’ll learn all these things in University anyway so it’s not all about what you do in school

    • Photo: Cillian Thompson

      Cillian Thompson answered on 4 Mar 2020:

      Maths is the most important one for engineering in my opinion, after that any of the sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry). I also did Design and Communication Graphics (DCG) which taught us how to use CAD to create computer models of different things.

    • Photo: Sanjeev Kumar

      Sanjeev Kumar answered on 8 Mar 2020:

      For an inspiring engineer, good command on mathematics and physics is a must. In some of the engineering branches, you might also be expected to have a good knowledge of chemistry. Furthermore, having a basic understanding of computer programming languages is a plus point for any branch of engineering.