• Question: how and when did you find out what you wanted to do with your life

    Asked by wear022egg to Tom, Sanjeev, Orla, Fiona, Eimear, Cillian on 6 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Fiona Malone

      Fiona Malone answered on 6 Mar 2020:

      I was in about 5th year of school and I went to a talk on medical physics and biomedical engineering and something just clicked with me. I was like “yes I want to do this!!”. But never did I think I’d be working in what I’m doing now. I think it’s important to have a goal but be flexible in how you get there. Always pick and choose the subjects and topics you like, because then you’ll enjoy working on them.

    • Photo: Cillian Thompson

      Cillian Thompson answered on 9 Mar 2020:

      I think I was in Leaving Cert, I just knew what I enjoyed in school like problem solving and some of the science subjects and then I also enjoyed the technical side of things. From that I did a few google searches and saw Biomedical Engineering, and from then on I knew I wanted to do it. The job I am in now is not something I saw myself doing when I was that age, I only really figured this part out last year! But from LC on I knew I wanted to be an engineer!

    • Photo: Eimear O'Hara

      Eimear O'Hara answered on 9 Mar 2020:

      I didn’t know until I started doing Engineering for my Leaving Cert! It’s still hard to know though what area I really want to work in, so engineering has been a great option because it gives me so many options like biomedical, mechanical, and aerospace

    • Photo: Orla McGee

      Orla McGee answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      I decided to study Engineering in Leaving Cert because it sounded cool and it is a great degree with loads of different job opportunities. I guess there was an aspect of luck that I took to it so well and I really enjoyed it.

    • Photo: Sanjeev Kumar

      Sanjeev Kumar answered on 10 Mar 2020:

      I was about 16 when I started thinking about my prospective career. During the final year of my senior secondary studies, I was interested in both Biology and Mathematics (apart from physics and chemistry). Initially, I was confused between medial and engineering as my career. However, I was interested more in medical, and I wanted to be a doctor to help cure patients. I wrote competitive examinations to take admission into a medical college. However, medical entrance examinations in India are highly competitive, and I could not succeed in this pursuit.

      As I was also good at mathematics and engineering was my second choice, I decided to make my career in engineering. Today, I am a happy and satisfied engineer. I love my job, and it gives me satisfaction when I design something new. Recently, I have been involved in developing the devices, which can be used for wireless health monitoring of the patients in a hospital.